Kylo Ren cosplay - 03 by Yaroslav Lukiyanchenko
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Kylo Ren cosplay - 03

August 4, 2018

The series of images with @muraki_cosplay were done in the forest not far from my house.
We were lucky with weather - rain began the next days. However there was a fail with smoke torches I bought to create a natural haze in the forest. 5 torches, with a burning time about a minute, didn't work at all. The remaining 5 by another manufacturer with burning time about 10-15 seconds were really not enough.
So the final backgrounds were made with photoshop using 5-6 several images.
But this is much easier than drawing a naturalistic haze by yourself.

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William Faucher's picture

Nicely lit! I do think the lightsaber would benefit a LOT from using exponential glow instead of just working in additive mode. Google it up! Compositors use exponential glow all the time in film to get a more organic, realistic glow.

Good work!

Yaroslav Lukiyanchenko's picture

Thank you William. Not sure I understand your words about additive mode. But I used several layers with different radius of blur. So at my taste there is enough glow. There are different techniques to draw the lightsaber, but the result depends of personal skills. I'm not really good in drawing, but tried to did my best.

Mauro Scattolini's picture

Great job with the laser sword, one of the best I've seen so far! Same goes with the rest of the star wars series! Not easy to find high quality work in that field!

Yaroslav Lukiyanchenko's picture

Thanks a lot Mauro! Much appreciated!