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Iain Lea's picture

Shadows and Curves

September 13, 2018

I shot this image as part of a spontaneous series while on vacation in Greece in August.

As it was a vacation I did not take my usual camera gear with me so this was shot using the pro mode on a samsung s9plus.

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marcos gonzalez's picture

wonderful use of the shadow great shot!!

alan greenspan's picture

Wow. You did an outstanding job with light, shadow, the female form, you got it right on so many levels. Who is the model?

Silva Jorge's picture

woderful shadow, this picture is a proof that we do not need top gear for good photos

Iain Lea's picture

thanks jorge. to get that image i had to work a lot harder with the cell phone than with my normal nikon dlsr but for online and small prints the results are good.

Mark Dunsmuir's picture

Love the feel of this. Very Newton-esque!

Iain Lea's picture

thanks mark. had not considered newton as I rarely follow or view other photographer due to not wanting to copy someone elses style.

Goran Avramovic's picture

Meni je po malo i smešno ali je fotografija dobra.I find it funny and funny but the photo is good.

Reinhard Witt's picture

Da muss man erst mal drauf kommen... Stark!