Lezlie by Roberto Inetti
August 9, 2014

Model: Lezlie Partin
Photog: Roberto Inetti

48mm · f/3.5 · 1/30s · ISO 200
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Niels Lund's picture

Really great work. I could maybe go for a little more shine on her hair, and the top of her head gets lost in shadows but that's not a really big deal. The texture/shine on her skin with the light (shoulder and chest) is fantastic.

Roberto Inetti's picture

Thank you Niels. I intentionally wanted to lost her head into the shadows, it's gradually and I think it helps focusing more in her skin where the dodge and burn I think is the star. This was my first attempt to create that kind of metallic B&W skin effect.

Neo Racer's picture

Im stunned!!

wow!!!! great shot

steven spaulding's picture

lovely photo, great lighting, emotion and feel overall.

Roberto Inetti's picture

Thank you for the kind words Steven.

Isaiah Noble's picture

Amazing you created this with a shot from the T3i! Kudos Roberto.

Roberto Inetti's picture

Yes sir, all my images are taken with a T3i. Thank you!