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August 14, 2014

Model: Brionna Wesson
MUAH: Melanie M King
Photog: Roberto Inetti

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Anonymous's picture

Incredible image, amazing expression and tonality. Well done.

Justin Roux's picture

Thank you for the kind words Phil.

Gorgeous, very sexy and sultry, great image in many ways.

James Lewis's picture

Awesome image... I think this image tells a great story. Very cool.

Justin Roux's picture

Thank you so much James. I'll upload more pics of Brionna very soon. Stay tuned!

James Lewis's picture

Looking forward to it. :)

beautiful shot

Anonymous's picture

Really nice tone. I love the eyes.

Justin Roux's picture

Thank you Deane!

Antony Gomes's picture

I love it! The contrast is amazing!

Dominique TOUZALIN's picture

Super photo, j'adore ce style de N&B

Very sensual and sexy B&W

B&W is great choice. Love the pose. Good composure!

Lio NEL's picture

Stunning photo ! great work

Justin Roux's picture

Thank you Lio!

John Lancaster's picture

Well done. Nothing better than B&W.

Beautiful photo. Sexy but not overt. Love the similar hues that give layers and the textures from sweater to hair. Great work!