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While other focus on the grand landscapes, I prefer to focus on the smaller scenes of autumn. Plenty of stories are being told, you just have to find them!

Nikon D5500
195 · f/3.5 · 1/1250 · ISO 250
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Another amazing photo but I bet most of the people here will see that it doesn’t have a Milky Way or half naked women and give it a 2. The “photographers” on this site are such simpletons lol

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I think “simpletons” is a little harsh, but I have noticed that all of the exposure to over processed “epic landscape” photos has oversimplified peoples idea of what a good photo can be. I see almost no intimate landscape photography or macro photography on the “popular” or “highest rated” photo section, which is a little concerning. It seems a lot of people lack the keen eye needed to appreciate a simple intimate landscape image. But, you can’t win everyone over! I’m enjoying it and that’s what matters most.