Beam Me Up by Daniel Gomez
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Beam Me Up

November 29, 2018

I started out with a quest to capture 20 milky way shots this summer. Along the way I have driven at least a day or two, consumed a lot of redbull and coffee, and most importantly gained some knowledge of how to capture the night sky. I'm not sure if I will stop at 20 or push on til the season ends. Knowing myself, I'll probably drive the extra mile or 60 and capture some more😋 Here's #15

Nikon D 750
16mm · f/3.24 · 13s · ISO 10000 and 6400
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MIKE TAYON's picture

WOW! Is this the Stonehenge WWI Memorial in Maryhill WA? (WA14)

Daniel Gomez's picture

Hey Mike you guessed it! This was a really fun shot to light up at night. Apparently they now have a ranger watching/guarding the park at night sue to vandalism so I am glad I got this before I couldn't.

MIKE TAYON's picture

Great shot Daniel! I have taken a photo of the memorial myself, but it was during the day, and over 1/2 mile away! LOL

Daniel Gomez's picture

Thank you again Mike!