Steens Mountain by Daniel Gomez
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Steens Mountain

December 2, 2018

The Steens mountain loomed 4,000 feet above us and stretches for 60 miles long from north to south. As you depart from Highway 78 you crest over hills and the Steens immediately command your attention. I endured a night of high winds while my tent tried to not only fly off but fold in upon itself. Something funny about being on the Alvord Desert Playa is that it can be calm without wind the whole day, but as soon as the sun goes down, the wind picks up. My buddy and I took a weekend trip out here and this was the only photogenic morning we got.
ISO 100, F9, 1/25s (Mountain and sky)
Focal Length: 23mm
ISO 100, F9, 1/25s x 5 (Desert tiles in foreground for focus)
Focal Length: 16mm

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Skye Leake's picture

Is this a vertical panoramic or shot with a w/a? Just curious as there is some weird distortion in the lower 1/3.

Nice clouds over the mountians though!

Daniel Gomez's picture

Hey Skye this is a focal blend from 16-23mm. Thanks for saying something as I forgot my exif data. This lens carries a lot of distortion which sometimes I like and other times I just let it go.

Skye Leake's picture

it could just be chance, but the ground/cracks in the lower 1/3 seem stretched to the corners.