Marty by Dan Ostergren
December 15, 2018

I am always trying to instruct my student photographers to experiment with available lighting and to try to make the most with using minimal equipment. The point is to teach that you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on the "best" cameras, lenses and lighting equipment in order to create beautiful portraits. Rather, the vision and execution of the photographer, as well as the communication between photographer and model, are what make a great portrait. Understanding the application of light, color, composition, and in general the content that you are photographing will always give better results than work made using the highest quality gear by a photographer who does not know what they are doing or looking for.

For this shot, I used a window and a household tungsten light bulb for lighting. I also used a light mist of spray-on sunblock in order to get a subtle highlighter effect on the model's skin. In addition, I did some color toning that was meant to harmonize with the already rich warm tones created by the tungsten bulb. Shot on a camera that can be bought for about $250 used, and a lens that I payed $300 for used.

85mm · f/1.8 · 1/80s · ISO 1000
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