Trail Blues by Daniel Gomez
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Trail Blues

December 18, 2018

The John Day River snakes through some of the most beautiful terrain I have seen in Oregon, and for that matter the world, including: Sheep Rock and my personal favorite, Cottonwood Canyon. It is the longest undammed river in Oregon and has the state's largest wild fish run of Chinook Salmon in the spring and Steelhead in the summer. Between the 1840's and 1860's thousands of immigrants made their way to a new home by crossing the river as a part of the Oregon Trail. Everytime I visit a part of this river I truly feel like I've been transported to the past and feel like I am exploring unchartered territory as a pioneer. Also, this is one of the darkest areas in the state and the amount of stars you see here will make your jaw drop in wonder.

Nikon D 750
16 · f/4.5,2.8 · 241, 15 · ISO 2500, 10000
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Skye Leake's picture

Those star trails are trippy.

Daniel Gomez's picture

Thank you Skye, I did trails to pass time while the milky way moved into position for a still image of the same scene.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Great image, Daniel. Interesting the way your very wide lens makes the star trails appear to converge and diverge as if passing through some space-time warp.

Daniel Gomez's picture

Thanks Chris! So the south and north have their own area where the stars circle around a point but if you aim your lens in between those points (either west or east) you can get this wave effect with the stars appearing to go in different directions.