Eibsee Bavaria by Heiko Knoll

Eibsee Bavaria

December 31, 2018

The Eibsee is a lake in southern Bavaria beneath Germany´s tallest mountain. When the sun sets behind the mountain range, and the steep forestry hills are allready all but lost in the shadow, only they remain lit in the orange light of fall.

This image is actually highly edited. The island itself duplicated and flipped over to increase the reflection, the trees in the background brushed with clarity and sharpness. The foreground was blurred with a gradual filter, leaves and other little debris removed with the remarkable new version of the content-aware fill. Background was desaturated and the blue shifted towards purple, the centre brightened and the edges were darkened.

I hadn´t thought I´d get anything out of this image since it was actually taken with at around 70mm without a tripod (hold your breath), so the trees on the island are really not very sharp. Yet the final impression of this little island shining out from the shadows is quite pleasing to me.

65mm · f/6.3 · 1/500s · ISO 200
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Royan Descartes's picture

I really love how simple this looks and also the water. I just have the urge to jump in there!