Outsider. by Matthias Dengler
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January 5, 2019

Always on the outside looking in. Never was the best at fitting in. Now people trying to tell me that I changed. But they don't understand where I've been.

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I'm feeling the tones in this one! You sure got great skills on post-production! My I ask what lens you shot this with?

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Thank you so much, Ryan! I really appreciate your kind words and all the likes and good ratings you’ve given to my work. 
(The community became so harsh over the last year, that I really started to lose hope on it) Anyway. 

To answer your question:
It was shot with the Fujinon 16-55 F2.8 Lens. It’s a really great lens! And so far, I’ve worked only with available light so Post-Production is a big part of my work. Thanks a lot for your appreciation!

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Hey thanks for the answer! Now I'm even more excited on getting the Fuji 16-55 lens! People can be harsh but I wouldn't take it personally. There will also be people out there who will appreciate your work, like me!