Blenduk Church interior / Semarang, Central Java by Heiko Knoll

Blenduk Church interior / Semarang, Central Java

January 10, 2019

Last year while in Indonesia, I visited this protestant church in the old town of Semarang. The building dates back to the 18th century and was awarded as Best Maintained Old Place of Worship in 2009. While the adults were all bending their necks to study the interior, two local boys sat beneath one of two impressive etched and stained glass windows studying their smartphones.

For the edit, it took me a long time to get the vertical and horizontal lines adjusted. I was filming simultaneously, there was little time, and so my video camera was sitting on the tripod while I had to take the photograph from hand. The window to me still looks a little tilted to the right, but when I check with a grid overlay everything is actually aligned. I had to reduce the highlights in the window so the outside became visible. Then I had to lighten up the boys faces a bit with an adjustment brush. The lights in the chandelier were not on -- I lit them with five very tiny circular adjustment brushes with almost maximum exposure and a warmer color temperature.

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Royan Descartes's picture

this is fineart. end of story. superb shot.