Yin Yan (Inviting Critical Comments) by Vijay Mewada
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Yin Yan (Inviting Critical Comments)

January 27, 2019

Inviting Critical Comments

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Hello Vijay, this is a very interesting composition, I really enjoy viewing it. I am assuming I am looking at the bark of a tree up close with it's branches far over head. I like how the in-focus section of the bark is only about one quarter of the composition, and doesn't, at least for me, over power the out of focus regions. I also like the the left half of the composition not being too dark or punched up, as a matter of fact, I wonder what would happen if the levels on the left half (the bark regions) were lightened up a bit more. Just a thought.
The only nitpick critiques I would have are:
1) I wish the tree branches on the right half of the composition completely extended to (and beyond) the right side border and the bottom border similar to how the branch at the top extends past the top and right borders.
2) I wish the edged of the tree bark in the center of the composition (where bark meets tree branches) was sharper. I understand that the texture probably moves in and out of the focus plane but there seems to be an extra soft edge (as if feathered) happening there that distracts my eye a bit.
However, I like this a lot, thanks for sharing!

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Hi Joe. thanks for the review