natural light by Royan Descartes
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natural light

February 6, 2019

i used my 80-200 lens for this shot. the lighting really looked nice there but i felt like it could use a little more in Photoshop; that is , the orange glow at the top

200mm · f/2.8 · 1/320s · ISO 160
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very good lighting and I like the orange sunglasses a lot. not quite sure what the subject is looking at (tatoo?). Also, I would wide the crop, especially to the bottom and not have here quite so much on the right in the frame. Perhaps also I would choose a different background -- the soccer goal, I donĀ“t know. . maybe you want it that way because it kind of tells an strange story. . . ? Cool shot though.

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Thank you very much Mr.KNoll. I cannot tell you how much i appreciate the feedback. It helps me to continue to try to get better. I really appreciate that.