Welcome to the jungle by Fredrik Strømme
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Welcome to the jungle

February 10, 2019

This shot was taken in january, after weeks of rain and mild temperatures. The creek is usually really small but all the melted snow had given it great powers.
So it was perfect for long exposure photo. And a thin layer of mist also gave the atmosphere I was looking for.

In the post processing I have enhanced the light in the background. Worked on the color of the foliage and also added a cooler color tone to the water.
Also some small warp adjustments to the water in front, to better balance it.

f/10 · 0,5 sec · ISO 500
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Magnus Ådegren's picture

Beautiful capture of the forrest stream!

Fredrik Strømme's picture

Thank you! It was great conditions that day 😀

Chris Jablonski's picture

Good image, Fredrik! I like your composition, the beautiful flowing water, the sense of light, and the interesting duotone colour scheme. I just want to be there!

Fredrik Strømme's picture

Thank you! It is a beautiful spot, probably one of my favorite spots in my hometown 😀