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Katie's Day Off

Katie came over on her day off from work for a session in the studio. Before we started I offered her a glass of wine. She sat by the window. The light was too good not to shoot it.

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Sweetest portrait work!

Thank you so much!

excellent portrait

Thank you sir!

This shot is gorgeous, the lighting was beautiful

Thank you so much. It's hard to beat window light.

Very nice!


Your portfolio is very impressive, Hector, but this image always stands out for me. It's always a pleasure to see a woman's (or any other, for that matter) beauty, but here Katie's relaxed, spontaneous pose, her lost-in-thought gaze, and the warm-toned setting give off such an atmosphere of a pleasant, relaxed afternoon! Well done.

Thank yo so much. I work to develop a connection with my clients. It's that personal connection, I'm hoping comes through in the images. I'm happy you noticed.