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Red carpet

Poppy fields in morning light and layer of mist.

One day last year i was driving home from work and noticed this field of poppy flowers.
I imagined this photo in my mind immediately and quickly made a plan to come back in the morning to shoot it. I couldnt even fall a sleep from anticipation of next morning and of course i over slept my alarm in the morning. I woke up 20 minutes before sunrise and i had a 16-20 minutes drive to this spot...and i arrived just at the right time and view was perfect it was just like i imagined in my mind...i ran to the middle of the field set up my camera and at the moment i pressed shutter button message ''No memory card in camera'' showed up...i started panicking and remembered that i have another DSLR in my car i run trough field take that camera in my hand turned it on and there was no SD card in it...I screamed out loud and was angry, sad and depressed...fortunately i had my
Mavic Pro with me and just in the last moment before sun rise over horizon i managed to get this photo.

The same day i ordered 10 SD cards and have them everywhere!

4.73mm · f/2.2 · 1/3700s · ISO 100
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