Honey bee by Moyd Wathiqi
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Honey bee

April 10, 2019

This image was taken with my macro setup which was the trusty Canon 6D + 40mm pancake lens + 60mm extension tubes. Notice the fine details on this beautiful honey bee.

40mm · f/16.0 · 1/80s · ISO 200
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Mislav Žabarović's picture

How did you get this? The bee is in flight? Tripod? great !!

Moyd Wathiqi's picture

I surely used a tripod. The bee is tiny and the magnification at the time was about 1.5x or 2x The bee was dead and hanging on a stick stand which I photoshopped out in post. Speedlite or a strong light source is a must for a clear shot that small.

Mac Cam's picture

Love this.

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