Tasos Anestis's picture


Canon 5D Mark III
120mm · f/2.8 · 1/500s · ISO 320
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Alec Kinnear's picture

Strong portrait. I'd like it better with just touch less processing. Final result is starting to look dangerously like computational photography.

Irene Rudnyk's picture

Tasos, please don't listen to this comment! that's why i love this image, it look super polished and eye catching. You can tell that you do high quality work, the editing speaks for itself.

Dave McDermott's picture

Why shouldn't he listen to the comment? The guy gave an honest opinion and even started the sentence on a positive note. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Irene Rudnyk's picture

The only advice i listen to is the one i asked for, and from people whom opinion i value. Not to diss the person that wrote the initial comment, there is nothing wrong with their opinion at all. Everyone has different preferences and likes. But it does't mean that we should listen to all those opinions.

Tim Devick's picture

Very nice. Handsome model, nice light that brings out his strong cheekbones, and I like the intense eyes. I like the soft color too.

Bill Zidis's picture

One of the best portrait ever saw.

tim gerges's picture

This is an absolutely killer image! Well done Tasos