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Path to the eternity

I had this photo in my mind fo few years but i never actually made it, i don't know why...This composition is only a mile away from my home and still i didnt get it until last week when i was out looking for night lanscapes lighten up by moon. But when i was out driving around in the car i couldn't find any good compositions...and when i almost go home i remembered this composition. But when i came to the location i was thinking it's too bright because the moon was up. But i tried it any way. I set up my composition put camera on tripod and intervelometer. When camera started to took photos i went up hill in the car and drive on the road. To light up the road it took about minute and a half both ways. when i came back to the camera i was shocked how good it looks and that it would be nice to have some stars in the sky so i took another shot for the sky. And it came out like magic...When i came to this location i wasn't shure that i will get the image i wanted...So i had so much luck that everthyng get together fine.
The moral of this story would be, that even if you think it's not worth trying it try it any way and you will be amazed what you can get.

I did ''a lot'' of post processing on this one. I have blended four photos to make this whole one. One photo for the stars and three for the road and foreground. Exposure setting for the stars was 25minutes at ISO 200 and F/4 for the foreground and road three images 30 seconds at ISO800 and F/6.3 after blending i did some color and contrast adjustments.

Canon 6D
20mm · f/5.6 · 30s · ISO 800
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