Romantic Venice by susan wall
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Romantic Venice

May 7, 2019

I don't know when to start, everyone will put Venice and romance on the same scale, everyone has the same fantasies; and their lover in this water town, sitting on the boat floating, let the boatman sing an Italian love song behind.
To be honest, I have such an illusion that I always feel that Venice is romantic. Now I finally travel to my famous water town with my wife.
The boat in Venice is called gondola. The price is not cheap. The charge for one person is 80 euros, and the boat journey is forty minutes. The romance of two people is a total of 160 euros here, and the return of the Malaysian Ringgit is 688, which makes us people who use the Malaysian Ringgit for the Euro are not so generous. It doesn't matter, it is also a good idea to sail the Grand Canal by vaporreto. The minimum charge is 6.5 euros. If you still have illusions about gondola, you can also ride the Gondola over the Grand Canal to the other side. The cost is only 1 Euro, but you have to stand.

We paid a six-and-a-half euro ticket to Piazzale Roma and sailed to Piazza San Marco. In Italian, San is both Saint and saint in English. Marco is Mark. This is the main attraction of Venice, which Napoleon once said is the most beautiful studio in Europe. There are always a lot of travelers here, and there is a queue to enter the Basilica di San Marco.
Venice is famous for its Murano glass. If you want to buy souvenirs, you can buy some beautiful Murano glass decorations (you must be careful to carry them!), gorgeous masks are also numerous, are representative of Venice's souvenirs.
Walking in Venice, there is less sense of direction. The streets and lanes are complicated. There are many waterways and bridges between the buildings. It is not necessary to go to the destination according to the map. Plus the Italian name is not ours. A familiar English name. The best way is to recognize a big direction and keep moving forward. Everyone knows Venice because of the water town. In fact, there are many beautiful and unique buildings here. Many people come to the university to study architecture. We are not following the "duck group", so there is time, we don't mind going in the wrong direction. When you are on the wrong road, take a look at the beautiful buildings there!
Italy is a gourmet paradise in Europe. I am here to eat delicious food. I will definitely not miss the food here. I will introduce Italian food later!
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