Jéanne by Réjean Brandt
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September 12, 2014

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Jason Ranalli's picture

What a great shot. Although, I must say with the bright red lips and blue eyes I'm getting a strange sort of Superwoman type vibe from her :)

Randy Budd's picture

Excellent capture and processing. The treatments to her eyes and lashes are amazing.

Anonymous's picture

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the light drop off. How did you light this?

Réjean Brandt's picture

Thanks Kenny. This is all natural light. I had my front door open and placed her just inside while I photographed her from outside. It's one of my favourite ways to light subjects.

Anonymous's picture

Awesome! was the sun flare on the top left added in post processing? I will have to experiment with it. It's hard because I do a lot of family sessions, so all my shots are unplanned. I've never met any of my subjects till they show up for the session.

Her eyes are other-worldly. Quite amazing.