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June 3, 2019

Rallarvegen is a beautiful path you can follow by car, railway or by foot. I am not keen on houses but for this comp I simply couldn't resist. The house felt so lonely and in a way sad where it sits at the foothill of the dark, cold and foggy mountain. I deliberately picked a large aperture to get a softer focus on the background.

92mm · f/2.8 · 1/2500s · ISO 200
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Congrats, Mattias! This is such an outstanding image with an amazing mood and strong comp! Well deserved!

Very nice. No excess effect, just "feels" like the mountains. I've been hiking a lot in the Alps for years, and it feels like a cloudy day over there. Maybe a bit too much noise in the clouds top right corner, dunno what caused that.

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I can certainly agree about that noise. Don't know either. Thanks for your comment.

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I want to go live there when the zombie apocalypse happens... Seriously though, great image!

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Thanks Victoria. Its probably a great place to live, apocalypse or not.