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Shadows on the Wall

October 6, 2014

More fun with shadows

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Gabriel Cruz's picture

Strong composition. Is it all natural light?

No this was a single strobe. Very hard light source.

George Popescu's picture

Excellent concept and execution, very inspirational!

Sheldon Evans's picture

Power image!

Rafael Orczy's picture

excellent image!

Image Faktory's picture

beautiful !

Chris Ramirez's picture

Wow, I love it!

david shepherd's picture

Great work MW! You should shoot more nudes/glamour work. I love the shadow and how the hard line divides the composition to play down the chest, yet the reflections on the wall rims the breast and torso to force your eye back to the face. Awesome! Your one of my favorite artist and thanks for sharing.

Mike Hilton's picture

Just superb.

Bob Davis's picture

Well done. Strong, clean image....