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Light path

Photo that was on my mind last few weeks while i was driving to the job and i saw that morning mists has began to apear and showing us that autumn is almost here.

To get this photo i had ti improvise...so i put my camera on tripod and used intervelometer to start taking shoots, than i had to run up hill into the car and started driving on the road. To get this photo i had to do this few times to get it good enough!

Canon 6D
24mm · f/14.0 · 1.6s · ISO 100
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Wojciech Grencer's picture

A lot of dedication to get the desired outcome, but it paid off.

Danijel Turnšek's picture

Yeah! But hard work allways pays off :D

Danijel Turnšek's picture

Hahaha...but i take good care of my children (gear) :P

mark wilkins's picture

I guess you also had to trust that no one would just see your camera there alone and.....want to take it!

Danijel Turnšek's picture

Yeah that too, but it was very early in the morning at weekend and i was the only one driving here ;-)

Daniel Gomez's picture

Really like the s curve you found!

Danijel Turnšek's picture

I like it too :P And its even very close to my home ;-)

Vijay Mewada's picture

For me this is good balanced leading lines. cheers.

Steffen Christensen's picture

Wonderful job, a true joy to watch. Thanks for sharing.