“Influence Point” by John Perhach
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“Influence Point”

September 11, 2019

“Influence Point”
So maybe 5 months or more ago I was down In Brookings, Oregon eating dinner at a bar when I over heard a couple of locals talking about a super low key and secretive beach located somewhere in the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor that hadn’t yet been overly shot yet by wilderness & lifestyle Influencers so after thinking fast at how I could gain their trust, I decided to just buy them some beers & shots which definitely worked like a charm along with some smooth talking coupled with showing them my follower count on here because they gave me the knowledge I was seeking plus they told me that sunrise is pretty good at the beach as a bonus... Once I left the bar I checked various weather apps to conclude sunrise would actually be good the next morning so I said fuck it and drove out to the point along the Hwy that they told me I could find the faint boot path that leads to the secret location which I found after a bit of searching, but little did I know that the faint booth path would turn into a crazy 5 mile trek that took me a along sketchy sections with death on slip away. I didn’t let those dangers deter me and was able to reach the view during blue hour a hours later which gave me more than enough time to come up with composition at the location because it wasn’t like I had a millions of other photos from the location to simply look at and shoot similar composition of it, but at a slightly different angle or anything sadly.. The end Anyways Here’s the photo I shot that morning and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day

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Fantastic shot

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Thank you very much, I appreciate it!

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This is a Boooomer of a shot John