The Last Glow by Daniel Gomez
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The Last Glow

September 26, 2019

Last light fading over the top of Mt Hood during a winter sunset.
Trail-goers definitely cast funny looks at a guy running through a park lugging a cannon of a lens. Why was I running you ask? Well, I cut it too close to sunset and had to resort to driving to a location close to home just short of enough time to catch official sunset. After driving 12 excruciatingly long minutes through city streets, hitting EVERY red light, I tried to make up for lost time by running through the park to a clearing to catch the mountain. I'm not sure what was more difficult, running or holding my breath to keep aforementioned cannon of a lens from shaking.

Nikon D 750
500mm · f/9 · 1/80s · ISO 320
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