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The Eurasian sparrowhawk-Female (Accipiter nisus)

Few months ago i built a Drinking pool hide near my home, and lately many birds started to show up. Las weekend i went out in a miserable weather with rain and wind, but i was motivated with testing my new camera gear, and didn't expect any ''special'' birds to whow up. But this Sparrowhawk female showed up very early when i come to the hide, great suprise and good test for my new gear, and i could not be more happy about the change i made. I had Canon 7DII before wich i liked a lot, but New sony feels like it's 1000 years ahead in High ISO and AF.

318mm · f/6.3 · 1/250s · ISO 3200
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Danijel grats on new gear :). Which lens do you use? Is it Sony 200-600?

I cannot find your post regarding this drinking pool on instagram. Can you share a link?

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Yes it is a Sony 200-600mm...there is a story highlight on my instagram wich is called "Drinking hide" in this highlight are collected all instagram stories that i made obout my drinking hide from amking it and now about animals that come to the hide or sharing live from hide when im there shooting...
Link: https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18102670285035082/