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The great tit (Parus major)

Very common bird in not very common but beautiful scene at my drinking pool hide. Usually i dont enjoy photographing very common species of birds but i will take any opportunity to test my new gear haha...

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He may be common but he’s still a beautiful bird! I love how he’s putting his little foot forward; so cute! Also the color of this image is quite enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you! Yes i like this pose very much too 😉

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WOW! I love this shot! Great light, interesting subject and an amazing reflection!

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Thanks! ✌

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Thanks! :D

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Cute shot and I like that you left room for the bird to walk into

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Thanks! Actually i compose all my wildlife photos that way 😎

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We don't think it's a pool, so you did a nice job of composition.

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Extremely well set up and executed. The moss, in bloom, is a particularly interesting and beautiful choice for a perch. Love it!

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All good, really nice detail.

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Beautiful shot! Perfect symmetry.