Cold winter morning at the lake Kochelsee. Pretty cold morning with almost snowfall. Only a 10 min. window of opportunity to take a image. Then the snowfall wins and i packed my gear and go home. To take a warm coffee. The silence around my during to take this image was beautifull.

Nikon D610
16 mm · f/11 · 5 sec · ISO 100
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Tong Thao's picture

Great shot, as with all of yours. The only thing holding this photo back for me is that I find some of the twigs in and under the water kind of distraction. I want to look at the sheds, but find myself drawn to the twigs.

Michael Bottari's picture

Danke für Deine gute Bewertung und den ebenfalls guten Kommentar mit Deinen Anmerkungen.

Tong Thao's picture

Keine problem. Mein Deutsch ist schlecht, aber ich verstehe. :)

Skyler Ewing's picture