Santa and the Bristlecones by Jordan Inglee
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Santa and the Bristlecones

December 25, 2019

Nikon D850/14-24 @ 20mm
Three 2 minute exposures, focus stacked
Sky: 6400 ISO @ 13” f3.2
Santa: ISO 64 @ 1/250 f8.0 😜

But for real - happy whatever holiday you do or don’t celebrate! Enjoy the time you have on this rock to be with the people you love (or hate haha)

This is number four, by the way, of my favorite 10 images of the decade captured in the Ancient Bristlecone Forest this past year. I always dreamed of shooting here and finally made the trek with my bud @rizzosphotos 🤘🤘🤘

Santa came out of nowhere and I had to scramble to get my camera settings right, but I think I nailed it...

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