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Common pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)

This beauty surprised me when i was in a buzzard hide.
I was photographing magpies and when i was looking trough viewfinder of my camera he rushed into my composition and started walking fast towards me, i was thinking that he is gonna attackthe lens, but just half a meter away he turned in other direction and continued his journey into the sunset...

371mm · f/6.3 · 1/4000s · ISO 2500
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Was that one hard to photograph? My experience with them is, that they are so easy to scare ...

Yeah usually the are easily scared, but this one was not hard to photograph because i was in a hide and he didn't even know that im there.

Lovely colours and frame Danijel. This goes nicely with the other beautiful pics in your album (especially the birds).

Thank you! 🙏

This is especially beautiful, Danijel! Lucky you - you go out to photograph Buzzards, and end up with a subject that is far more interesting and beautiful than a Buzzard!

That was really lucky day 😋


Lovely image

Thanks! :D

I love the sharp detail and the blurred background which gives great separeation, and especially the warm light reflecting off the feathers of the bird.

Beautiful image! Bravo.

Love the colors. Very nicely done. This wasn't luck, you were well prepared!

How I miss seeing them. ON PA we had a lot of them. You got his colors perfect. Thank you for posting this.