Swiss Islands II by Lionel Fellay
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Swiss Islands II

January 6, 2020

Sunrise, view from the Jura all the way to the alps.

This photography is a photographer Lesson, to achieve this picture, I had to wake at 3 AM and drive 2 hours 30, on site at first, I struggled to find a composition and take a lot of shot from various angle, but the scene was changing quickly, the fog was going up and down fast and the light continuously changing ...
Coming back home, after 3 hours, I made the bad decision to directly upload the raws to my computer and was excited to start a picture selection and post treatment, but I didn't find something interresting in all my compositions and images, so I choose one and started working on it.
At the end, I wasn't personnally convinced, and send the image to good friends also photographers, the 2 weren't so convinced too, so I deciced to pick another one more "simple" and leave the heavy edited image away.

Today, I watched the image again and was thinking "WTF you have" done, and Though that's not possible you haven't something better in stock ... I opened C1 again in a more calm way and started to watch the RAW again ... The solution came to me after only 5 minutes
and though, why the hell you didn't saw this image before ...

So for 2020, lesson to learn, never try to work or select an image if you have woke up at 3 AM without enough sleep.

23mm · f/10 · multiple one · ISO 160
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