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The common buzzard and The eurasian magpie

Sometimes you just have to at the right spot at the right time to get a unique photographic opportunities. Luck is very important at wildlife photography, but more important is to go out as much as possible.

594mm · f/6.3 · 1/4000s · ISO 1250
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It looks a bit like composite :).

What made you think that is a composite?

It's not a composite...i wanted to capture this moment and it took me a lot of waiting and hoping. I was in a hide for 12 hours and i got only one photo where the look at each other.

I'm not saying it's composite, but it looks so unreal and the focus on both birds is spot on. My guess it's shot from longer distance than the foto suggest (cropped?). Of course photo is fantastic.
Which hide you are talking about? The same which is near your pool (wooden one) or you got a mobile hide also?

It's not croped much...just little bit. They are both sharp beacuse they are in the same focal plan (if thath makes sense, dont know hot to say diferently)...i was really lucky with this one, it happened so fast and everyhing is at it should be in terms of tehnical stuff :P

I have three hides...one for small birds and one for buzzards near my home at drinking pool...me and my friend have another buzzard hide that is one hour drive and half hour walk away from my home, this one have a lot of activity and this is where i got those buzzards photos.

The one that i have for buzzards at home is not so active...

Hi Danijel. Enjoyed this master piece at many layers. Technically a near perfect art.At deeper layer, enjoyed the story. Rivals at 2 ends of the bridge. will they climb or continue with their inheritance. Perfect timing when thy both are looking at each other. Amazing. minus minor disturbing twigs at foreground and background. Superb.

Thanks! 🙏

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