TEACHER by Vijay Mewada
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January 20, 2020

The path to the guiding light.
Diskit, Laddakh, India

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Great shot Vijay. I love the story telling aspect of this shot. Technically, do you think it would have been nice for the subject to have been standing where the light was shinning through, a little further down the steps? The chances are he may not have been modelling for the shot, so I know it's difficult! lol
Once again though, love the story telling/street style aspect to this, well done! :-)

Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Mark. thanks for responding. All the monks were heading towards the opening from where the light is coming. of all the frames of continuous shooting, this was most appropriate one.
you are absolutely right for having the respected stand/face the light even better. Well some day after a lot of practice, I will be able to capture that exact moment.

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Totally understand, Vijay - not an easy one to get but you've done a really nice job of getting across what's happening there, well done again! :-)