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Golden Gate Bridge.

Early mornings at the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Awesome 👏🏽

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Thanks man.

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Great color and perspective. It's like two photos in one. But one thing bothers me. The foreground tower leans to the left, and the distant tower leans to the right. A little warp correction might help here?

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I can see what you mean on the background tower. The forground's is in line with the vertical cables though. I took this from an unqiue position and I think it affected how the image came out. For example the bridge itself is not a straight horizontal line. Lense correction cannot alter this. Thanks for noticing.

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What a stunning view !!! Beauty at its best… Excellent Drama of colors!!!

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Thanks a lot.

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Great perspective and colours...awesome mood

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Thanks for the compliment. Love the mood as well.