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The common kingfisher-Female (Alcedo atthis)

My favorite bird to photograph are common kingfishers, don't know why but there's something very special on them.

Canon 7D Mark II
286mm · f/6.3 · 1/250s · ISO 500
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They are indeed addicting :-)

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They truly are :P

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Maybe with google translate you can check my Dutch website, dedicated to them: www.ijsvogels.nl :-)

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I did, but i disnt understand a single word hehe...but i forgot about google translate will check it out today

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And it is such an easy language ;-)

Danijel Turnšek's picture

Not easy if you dont understand it :P

Checked page and it really cool! lots of info and good quality photos of kingfishers :D

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Thanks! :-)

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Thanks! I'm working on an English version, but time.... :-)

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Thanks! :D

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Excellent work!

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Thank you! :D

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Excellent photo.

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one of the finest shot iv seen lately excellent

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Awesome photo

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I attempted to buy a print from your website, but was informed you do not ship to the U.S. Will that change in the future? Thanks!

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Great shot!

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so beautiful! Great work!

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Very nice work. If I may, what was your distance from the kingfisher?

Danijel Turnšek's picture

I was around 3 meters away of the bird.

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Excellent shot, great light and colours

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Commonly uncommon! Beautiful shot!

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Absolutely stunning Danijel Turnšek! I love this color harmony in this image, very well done!

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Great shot! They're so mesmerising and so special to photograph.