light & shade by Hanaa Turkistani
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light & shade

March 27, 2020

we all seek and know the meaning of light and shade..

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Jake VanderHoeven's picture

This is a fantastic shot. Love the creativity with patterns and contrast. Excellent composition. Well done!

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i really thank u dear jake!

Alan Brown's picture

Wonderful composition and control of the tonal range.
Well done!

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many thanks for ur kind comment

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Vijay Mewada's picture

Yet another amazing frame. All the lines lead to the light of hope. and the steps invite to the same. Minus the distraction at the left. could it be selectively mellowed down?
yet again one more amazing work of your portfolio.

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i truly appreciate ur comment vijay

Charles Mercier's picture

Great shot! This reminds me of a very early Rembrandt painting.

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Appreciate ur comment charles

Deleted Account's picture

REALLY nice!

Fristen Lasten's picture

Beautiful photograph.

Studio 403's picture

killer style

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huge thanks!!!!!