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I never thought the most elementary things like being outside and having a walk would become one of highest goods in my life. Everything we had / have seems so close yet far from one minute to another. And the worst of the situation to me is actually not knowing for how long we need to deal with it.

I didn’t do any photography for a couple of month now. But knowing I won’t be able to do any photography in the next time probably made me really wanna go out and just do what I love. Like you always want what you can’t get. Nevertheless I took the change to capture Berlin in this weird moment on a bright sunny spring day. Dead empty streets as far as the eye can see. Even though it felt strange and somehow forbidden because I know I should stay home instead. But at least I avoided the public transportation in consideration of social distance. At the end of the day I walked above 10 km. After two weeks staying at home it was pretty exhausting.

Long story short I am really happy with the result of my small outbreak.The image speaks for the global quarantine and hope itself in my option. It’s all about distancing to come closer now. Stay healthy everybody!

102.2mm · f/8.0 · 1/7500s · ISO 160
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