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Into the storm

A rural scene captured amidst a driving snowstorm.

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Julian Ray's picture

This image takes me to that place, the place where the air is so cold and crisp you can almost reach out and ping it. Alan you've crafted a feeling and emotion in the form of a image file.
This is yet another one of your fabulous images that would be so good to see printed large.

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Thanks Julian. With the continuous snowfall we had that day there was certainly a sense of both isolation and tranquility.
I really appreciate your kind words.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Wonderful job, Alan. Beautifully composed, simple and as Julian suggests, laden with wintry atmosphere. I particularly find the tree's shape appealing, as if it's gesturing toward the scene to its right. Well done! AND you've managed to get it sharp this time, despite the shivering cold! ;-)

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Chris, I'm glad you mentioned the tree as I feel the same about its shape helping the composition.

I think I may have had my winter woolies on for this one and better able to control camera shake :-)

Bruce Pryde's picture

Simple and beautiful.. well done.. love the perspective and the lead lines.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Bruce - I appreciate your kind comment.