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Tranquility VI

May 2, 2020

Greece | 2018

"Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you have only one idea." --Anon




#greece #santorini #asian #nude #sunset

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George Popescu's picture

Have you thought about taking out the white chair on the left and the black ball on the top right?

Iain Lea's picture

No. I view both as anchor points for DoF and lead in/out of the image

Jay Smith's picture

I do love this image. The model's body position is excellent from head to toes. Have you ever considered cropping this image just slightly so the model is the center of focus, not anything else. Thank you for sharing this image. I hope that you continue to photograph this model.

Iain Lea's picture

Thanks for your feedback Jay. My location style is too show the location... lots of others would probably crop more but thats not the style I follow. --Iain