Despair and Hope by Mark Seawell
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Despair and Hope

June 18, 2020

Today my country burns. From Raleigh North Carolina where I was born to Salt Lake City and beyond protest have erupted, triggered by another black man like myself killed with impunity by the police. The land was dry and acrid and the lighting arrived in the form of George Floyd being killed while video rolled and the world watched....enough.

As a man of color I see storms all around me. I see a country, my country which I served for 20 years in the military being looted. I see a lone weak figure in the white house stoking division and hatred. I see massive inequality as people struggle to survive and that was before COVID-19 arrived.

But today in Ogden, my place of residence hundreds gathered to support a call against racism organized by Black Lives Matter. I witnessed Latino/White/Black/Asian voices raised in support and a call to fight this disease we have never eradicated, indeed we can't seem to have that talk. But what pleased me most was the presence of the young, a new generation standing up and perhaps the baton was passed to them. I saw despair but hope came along and gave her a hug and perhaps whispered to her friend..."I got you, it will be all right."

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