Final Frontier by Eric Thiessen
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Final Frontier

June 28, 2020

Vancouver Island, a place known for forests, waterfalls and beaches. However what it isn't commonly known for are its Mountain Ranges. Deep in the heart of Vancouver Island resides Strathcona Park; the oldest provincial park in British Columbia and home to some of the most incredible peaks I've seen.

Strathcona consists of deep valleys where wildlife and rivers are abundant, however above the pleasant and peaceful enclosure of the forest reigns the highest peaks of Vancouver Island. Peaks where snow will linger 365 days a year and cliffs that stretch a kilometer into the sky. Alpine lakes so numerous that many have yet to be visited. What started my love for the outdoors began in this park many years ago, and I am excited to have you journey along with me as I retrace my steps and photography the beautiful and powerful nature of Vancouver Island's tallest monuments.

Enjoy :) .

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