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Valensole is a commune in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department in southeastern France. This lavender fields at Valensole are famous and blooming and ready. Who's planning to go?
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Nice shot ! I was there 2 days ago. A guy put a metal piece near the wall of the house... It will ask an houre to remove it in PS :P

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Nice shot but you give only 4 stars? hahahhaa Yeah the owner of the land doesn't like the tourist or the photographers. This location get very cloudy always and people don't really respect the land, that why. I was lucky when i was there was not that fence. Have a good day man and grazie mille

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Yes, 4 stars is excellent ;) But I know that you have killer shot at 5 stars. Always good shot mate.

For the owner, I ear that... Have a good day too.

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Thank you my dear friend. I was just kidding. Can't wait to see your shots from Valensole

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Fantastica Javi !!!!

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Thanks a lot my dear friend

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Precisa Jabi!! Esa luz y esa sunstar son una delicia amigo!

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Muchisimas gracias Jose

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Igualito q el de ayer😂😂😂

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jajaja si la verdad que muy parecido pero sin caseta

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en tu linea crack ;)

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Gracias fenomeno. Un saludo

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Fantástica amigo! Vaya luz bonita

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Gracias Efren solo le falta unas nubicitas pero bueno todo no se puede pedir

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Tienes que ir a las de olite tio! El otro dia vi una foto de alli y estan espectaculares esos campos!

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Estuve ayer en los de Brihuega y muy chulos. los de Olite estuve el ano pasado y bueno los campos están bien pero sin mas. Pasame el link de la foto que viste porfa

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tremenda Jabi es luz es crema tio!

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Gracias Richard, solo faltaban algunas nubes y ya de lujo pero no quedo mal del todo. Un saludo

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Preciosa compañero

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Muchisimas gracias bro

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Una delicia Jabi, preciosa

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Muchisimas gracias Merce

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Great capture!

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Very beautiful Jabi!