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Cove XV

August 3, 2020

Italy | 2016

NEW Exhibition:

"What men really want is not knowledge but certainty." --Bertrand Russel


FREE: our best images as a collage here:



#italy #sardinia #asian #nude #beach

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F*ck off to the asshole who keeps voting my images down... ya mama hates you as well asswipe!

You keep voting my images down... show yourself you creep... will give you a week to stop your dumb little games and then I will be speaking to the admins.

Playing games has consequences asshole.

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Actually I will comment again to the idiot that is voting down my images.

Had this happen on another forum 2 years ago. Gave it 3 months in the hope it would fix itself. It did not. Ended up sending all relevant info + dates + links to the admin... and what was the result?

An idiot with 2 god awful images on a text free profile with no profile image. A classic hater! Was banned from the forum 1 hour after Admins read my message.

Keep pushing asswipe... but don't be surprized when you get banned or blocked.