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Pygmy owl (Glaucidium passerinum)

Pygmy owl is one of the smallest owls in the world and i wanted to photograph it for a long time. Yesterday me and my friend decided to go and try to find it, after few hours of driving to the mountains, we reached our destination and soon after we started walking around in the pine forest we heard calls of the pygmy owl and we walked towards where we heard it calling and after few killometers and hours of walkingin the rain and around the forest we saw it flying just above our heads, and it landed in a tree above us. The first photos were really bad becuse it landed high above and we had a white sky as a background. The owl soon changed the location and we followed it and soon the owl was on some nice branches and with some really nice backgrounds.

The owl was not bothered with our presence at all, it was vey calm and we photograohed it for two or three hours on different locations and in the end he fly away and we didn't follow it around enymore.

Such a great day and very special encounter with the Pygmy owl.

600mm · f/6.3 · 1/320s · ISO 2500
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