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Victorskloof Lodge & Spa 1/2 Daylight

After finishing a non-stop 9-day job on the other side of Cape Town, I was on the lookout for a nice quiet place to stay, unwind and enjoy the spectacular region. A quick online search brought up this place, within budget and through the (decidedly average) photos, looked to be just the thing. It turned out to be wonderful with very friendly owner-operators. I also couldn't resist creating a couple of images for my portfolio and the owners by trading a few extra nights stay.

Camera placement was a tricky balancing act between the distant view, terrace and interior structure. Every item of furniture was staged for the shot and the sun was caught just before it went behind a hill.

Editing: Clouds were added and a lot of cleaning up of the surfaces was needed but otherwise the processing was fairly simple. My one wish would have been to clean the windows properly beforehand

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