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still Sun

Staring point - Luanda, Angola, the land in earth shades. A place where music, colours and humidity come together overpoweringly. There, where winters are warm and smiles come easily.
The inspira?on came from a series of memories preserved in photos of children dancing a never-ending dance on the street and who smile whenever they see a camera. Explosive mistures of parts of different universes result in random, uncoordinated combina?ons. Indifference in rela?on to clothing, which metaphorically speaking represents indifference to other aspects of daily life, when seen by somebody who “comes from afar” inevitably transforms the en?re concept they have about what is, or isn’t, a priority. Strongly influenced by sportswear, this collec?on explores different clothing references, coming to life in the contrasts between materials, colours and finishes, like in the clothes divided between right way around and inside out, a reflec?on of a relaxed, carefree state of mind.
There’s always a glimpse of a bare foot, which shows that shoes aren’t always put on properly. Some?mes they get in the way of the dance.
Fall Winter collec?on of Rita Sá

Talent: Cláudio Cabral
Photographer: Silva Jorge Photography Assistant: Bruno Oliveira Stylist: Verónica Lazera
MUA: Gaby Silva
Photography Assistant: Bruno Oliveira Agency: Central Models
Location: Vila do Conde - Portugal

Canon 5DS
85mm · f/4.5 · 1/400s · ISO 400
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