Wine Bottles by Brian Rodgers Jr.
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Wine Bottles

January 6, 2015

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Jayson Carey's picture

This is amazing. Were they all shot together or separately then composited?

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Hi Jayson,
Great Question. I shot these bottles individually, and then composited them for the final hero shot.

Nick Pandev's picture

thanks for sharing, buddy

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

No problem, glad to help :)

Mike Smith's picture

Lovely shot (and lovely wine - I have tasted the red but not the white (yet...!)) - I love the light at the bottom of the bottle and the glow of the label - trying something like this is high on my to do list...

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Thanks Mike, I really appreciate it man. It is great wine!

Yisroel Stern's picture

Love the highlights!