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Simple clamshell using 22" beauty dish and silver reflector below. 90 mm macro @f10-1/250-ISO100

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I can't help but notice that her left eye (the one to the viewer's right) is much softer than her very sharp right eye (the one to the viewer's left). Did you do it that way intentionally? I am speaking specifically of the eye itself, the edge between her iris and the white of her eye. Her eyelashes appear to be equally sharp on both sides.

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Thanks for the compliments Tom! Regarding the sharpness in the eye, I can't actually notice the difference on my monitor. Maybe it's the difference in the amount of light that's hitting each eye that's making it look like that? Or maybe it's just the camera's focus point, taking into consideration the angle of the model's face, the apertures, and the distance from the model at which I was shooting? I hope that helps! :)

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I have looked at the photo. I used my thumb and fore finger to "enlarge" the photo and both eyes are clear and sharp I can even count individal eye lashes. Very well done.

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Thanks Timothy!